Aviero Features

Aviero's Distributed Access Control Server:

  • Supports communities composed of trusted jurisdictions.
  • Promotes the use of public and private web resources within the same secure and collaborative access framework.
  • Supports Single Sign-On (SSO) within a community of trusted jurisdictions.
  • Supports many authentications methods already implemented within an organization (X.509, Unix Password, IMS Password, Microsoft NTLM, and Pluggable Authentication Method).
  • Maintains customer's identity for requesting web resources.
  • Supports secure and access controls to all web resources within an organization.
  • Allows each organization to maintain its administrative autonomy including full access controls to its web resources.
  • Supports the creation of access control rules using customer credentials.
  • Supports access control rules by specifying: WHO can access the web resource, HOW the resource can be accessed and WHAT web resources (URLs) the rule(s) applies to.
  • Allows access control rules to apply to users or group of users.

  • Implements fine grain access control rules for accessing OGC WxS operations, layers/ features, including spatial extents for OGC WxS data services (i.e. WMS, WFS).