Aviero Distributed Access Control Software

Aviero's Distributed Access Control software is the product of years of research and development. Our experience in the field of security have led us to develop enhancements and algorithms that no one else offers, allowing you to better protect your valuable information.

Aviero helps administrators centrally control user access, enabling Single Sign-On through a policy server that grants authorization rights to each web resource. Implemented as a web server, this product offers a distributed access control framework that facilitates secure sharing of web resources inside and outside the organization. This includes any static or computational resources available through a web server using HTTPS. A web resource can be a web page, document, CGI/ ASP program, servlet, OGC web service, database query, file upload/download, generated image, etc.

Featured Partner

Founded in 1996, CubeWerx has been developing standard-based off the shelf software products (SCOTS) in response to Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) requirements for interoperable information infrastructures. CubeWerx is an innovative software company whose expertise includes development, marketing and selling of Web Services and Spatial Warehousing software products.

These products and other location-based software product components support the most demanding requirements for the integration, access, and management of very large volumes of Spatial Data over the web.